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To repeatedly achieve transformational marketing success, it starts with the right people and organization.
It starts with the Afterburner Group.


We ensure our clients realize the value of complex, engineered products and services investments by helping them gain the greatest attention, consideration and adoption.

The Afterburner Group and our people have done this for over 30 years across many, varied industries and for clients all around the world—and we can do it for you.

If you have a complex, engineered product or service that just isn’t quite getting the attention it deserves, you’ve found the right partner. If you seek to take your complex, engineered products and services to the next level for new opportunity, you’ve found the right partner.

Are you ready for more? We’re ready to take you there.


It’s a fair question. After all marketing companies are a dime-a-dozen, right? Brand and creative agencies might be everywhere, but a proven organization that truly delivers transformational product and identity marketing is a field-of-one, the Afterburner Group.


We're Technologists

From architecture to market, a deep background in technology and related services.

We Like Growth

Laser-like attention to what will grow awareness, presence, consideration and adoption.

We're Marketers

Deep experience in product, service, corporate, brand and international marketing.

We See the Future

Building on past success, creating future success through experienced innovation.

We Know Business

Rich history as business leaders, executives, owners and strategists that know P&Ls well.

We Scale & Flex

Get what you need when you need it, no more no less. An on-demand, “gig-economy” resource.

Client's Rule

Your priorities are our priorities. Your success is our success. We support you.

We're Quick & Effective

Quick, quantifiable, high impact marketing transformation projects. No surprises.

The Art of Technology Marketing

We’ve perfected what we call the “art of technology marketing.”

Unlike traditional marketing, we’re experts at pulling out untapped value, nuanced advantage, derivative opportunity and making the complex seem simple, easy to understand and to choose.

Nobody else does this.

A Continuum of Value

You have a Continuum of Value that your markets and customers want. They just may not know about it.

We help find, validate, package, launch and monetize the value of all that you do—and create differentiation along the way!

Only from the Afterburner Group.


Oh, yeah.
We know technology.

You asked for it. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you get the idea…

Cloud, IoT, software, hardware, networking (wireline and wireless), integration and APIs, user experience (UX), user interface (IU), SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, BaaS, CaaS, MaaS, mobility (applications and devices), IoT (Internet of Things), cognitive computing, technical architectures (physical through UI and “as a service”), enterprise applications, big data, analytics (concurrent and predictive), digital transformation, autonomous/autonomic devices/computing, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, technical tools, development tools/processes, technical and technology product management and marketing, technical and engineered services and processes, …

If you have technology products or services, or engineered services and want to accelerate their market presence, we’re the company you need.



Don’t let the past define the future. Don’t let technical complexity hinder new opportunity. Get started on a better future where you stand out, where your products and services get the attention you want.

If you market complex or engineered products and services, you need us.


Paul Barker

Paul Barker


Visionary, strategist, a leader of people and organizations, and a master at growing value for engineered and technical products, services, markets and businesses.

Let’s go!

The information is valuable. The conversation is free.

Give a shout and we’ll reach out.

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