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Company Type Industry Situation + Solution + Outcome
Construction Services, Privately Held, <$1M Revenues Construction Situation: Brand new business. No go-to-market strategy, plans, or activities. No brand, no messaging, no validated value proposition. Highly competitive, construction-oriented marketplace. Needed to formalize business, establish presence, jump-start pipeline building, get to revenues as quickly as possible.

Solution: Established company strategy, messaging, value proposition. Positioned company in marketplace, launched company into market. Identified, validated, and formalized unique value services offering to differentiate in market and customer. Formalized marketing and sales processes, provided focus and external accountability to meeting deadlines. Created and delivered all branding, sales presentations, lead lists, and approach to market.

Outcome: Sales pipeline 150% ahead of target. Revenues 50% ahead of targets. Measured competitive response. Company buzz – internally and externally. Smooth, complete entrance into marketplace. Published articles about company, growth, strategy, and success stories. Company has gained attention far beyond any expectations by market, customers, and competitors. Project completed in 45 days.

Well Established, Publicly-Held, $1.7B Revenues Technology
Situation: Stalling revenues. Marketplace position and image were slipping. Was experiencing difficulty expanding into new markets through identification of new opportunity/growth engines. Had a fragmented product/solution story/messaging. Suffered from brand confusion and internal focus on where to win.

Solution: Identification of new opportunity areas, a new growth engines. Creation of full business plan to exploit new business area and marshaled necessary engineering and marketing resources to execute plan. Repositioning of company into new opportunity, re-branding into a solutions organization. Establishment of strategic and tactical awareness into analyst and press organizations. Solving strategic marketing operations/process issues (CRM/Program & Lead Mgmt.) and formalization of cross company planning/budgeting process for tighter alignment of company.

Outcome: Company well regarded as leader in brand-new market space. Company is setting the pace, driving the industry agenda, and introducing new high-value solutions against new opportunity. Easily recognized as thought, market, and value leader. 70% Pipeline Growth, Halt in Quarterly Revenue Decline, 40% Sales Rep Productivity Growth. Fully integrated planning and execution environment between engineering, sales, and marketing.

Privately-Held, Venture Capital Funded ($150M invested; Acquired by Large Technology Company) Technology
Situation: Company invented new product category. For one-year they were the only company offering this type of product. Unfortunately, the company lost its thought leadership and position to new competitive entrants. Further, company lost its identity, solution focus, and value proposition.

Solution: Extensive customer/market validation. Full ‘reboot’ of company vision, value proposition, messaging, and solution packaging. Enhancement of internal/external branding. Identification of new opportunity/growth engines. Full business and marketing plan. Marshalling and motivating all possible resources (internal & external). Fast, effective execution of plan.

Outcome: Once again perceived as thought, market, and value leader. 260% Pipeline Growth, 200% Quarterly Revenue Growth, 150% Sales Rep Productivity Growth. Numerous positive press and analyst quotes/references/papers.

Well Established Enterprise Applications, Publicly-Held, $975M Revenues Technology
Situation: Difficulty differentiating in an ever competitive marketplace. Revenue growth slowing, new opportunity identification difficult. Problematic marketplace view as a ‘mainframe’ enterprise resource planning package. Bifurcated business strategy due to prior runaway growth, leading to blurry market presence. Product portfolio required fast, inexpensive enhancements for marketability. Engineering and marketing organizations not working together to capitalize on opportunity. Looking to grow market value of company.

Solution: Identification and validation of new growth area. Creation of complete business case and acceptance by BOD. Enhancement of product technology, value, messaging, and solution benefits. Completion of strategic acquisition to round out product/technology gaps. Identification, creation, and rollout of new corporate value proposition and benefits, including positioning. Training of all marketing and sales personnel in 25 countries. Analyst and press awareness, new advertising, and collateral materials. Presentation of new opportunity, solution, messaging, and value proposition to annual users group (6500 attendees). Integration of planning and execution processes between sales, marketing, and engineering.

Outcome: Company moved from #5 to #2 position in marketplace. Company re-invented itself as leading eBusiness enterprise resource planning solution provider. Shortened product development cycle by 50%. Established sales pipeline increased by 125%, new opportunity pipeline increased 300%. Overall revenue increased 35%. Company stock price/market valuation increased 200% in 120 days.

Innovator & Distributor, Privately Held, $20M Revenues Construction Situation: Loss of technical market advantage. Slow revenue growth, difficulty predicting business. Fragmented channels and programs. Undefined and unfocused strategy and roadmap to the future. Split business strategy leading to two ‘faces’ to the marketplace. Poor market positioning and recognition despite technology and solution superiority. Looking to focus, execute with excellence, grow channel, accelerate revenues, and establish brand and attributes into marketplace.

Solution: Established business ‘story’ and brand. Created focused strategies and plans to drive new business. Unified value proposition and marketplace positioning. Created and established new channel program. Formalized and established national account program. Introduced best practices, processes, and established measurement/improvement criteria. Launched multi-faceted national marketing program. Trained and coached existing channel partners for purposes of single customer experience, nationally.

Outcome: Revenue growth 35% Y/Y growth, establishment of company and brand in marketplace. Unified voice, marketing and sales efforts. 50% growth in channel partners. A new “buzz” in the industry around company, technologies, products, and solutions. 1000% increase in channel inquiries. 2000% growth in product/solution inquiry and lead generation. Repositioned company as thought, technical, and market leader in industry.

Well Established, Publicly-Held, $30B Revenues Technology
(Software + Cloud)
Situation: Seeking additional revenue growth from channels sector. 2. Looking to establish marketplace presence with new server-based product line.

Solution: Tightening business alignment between company and largest channel partner. Identification and exploitation of joint value proposition. Creation and implementation of new channel incentive programs, training, and compensation models. 2. Establishment of strategic partnerships, product repackaging and positioning, large awareness-based introduction and campaign, innovative channel program.

Outcome: Revenues in largest channel aggregator/partner exceeded plan by 60%, costs to manage partnership decreased 25%, increase in number of associated resellers by 19%, 70% utilization increase of available development funds to open new markets/opportunities. 2. Server-based product introduced and captures 40% marketshare in 180 days.

Startup, Privately Held, <$500K Revenues Technology
Situation: Unique patented technology in search of a market, capital, and revenue. Sporadic product identification, difficulty defining value proposition, no presence, looking to ‘package’ company for private equity fund raising.

Solution: Identified product, value proposition, and messaging. Established business strategy and plan. Identified marketplace positioning. Validated offering, strategy, and plan with customers and analysts. Packaged technology, product, and company. Prepared investment presentations and talking points. Coached executive leadership for capital acquisition activities. Introduced company to investment community.

Outcome: Oversubscribed initial VC raise. Founder ownership percentage kept high. Established buzz in industry about company, product, technology, and patent. Attracted 15 new partners interested in investment, co-development, co-marketing. Move company from idea to viable business. Project timeframe 30 days.

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