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Every leadership challenge is unique to the environment, people, opportunity, and capital available. We recognize that there are times when a unique, specialized, and custom-tailored approach is needed.

The Afterburner Group brings four general categories of services that can be scaled, shaped, re-packaged, and delivered to your most exacting need.

If one of our packaged services offerings doesn’t quite fit your need, look below and let’s put something together that we’ll both be pleased with.

Quick, action-oriented, practical, implementable, and results focused. Applying the right expertise at the right time to accelerate and deliver leadership momentum and position.

Get the critical assistance you need to ensure successful leadership transition. The Afterburner Group’s members have over 26 years experience in helping companies with leadership discovery, identification, formalization, planning, execution, transformation, and measurement – across companies of all sizes. The Afterburner Group’s team of consultants is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive assistance to help you leverage your products, people, processes, and technology.

All of this has been formalized this into a set of processes, methods, and tools called ActivLEADERSHIP.


The Afterburner Group provides assessment, recommendation, and guidance in every project phase. This includes review of current leadership position and style, identification of an organization’s leadership vision, creation of personal and organizational leadership development plans, supporting technology and process analysis, implementation recommendations and roadmaps, dependency analysis and recommendation, success assessments, establishment of measurement criteria, and determination of “Return on Leadership”.

The Afterburner Group brings vast, deep expertise and best practices into every engagement. Working together, with the client, our team of experts ensure your leadership project is well designed, planned, executed, measured.



Discover: As the first step in the process, the focus is on baselining an organization, product, or marketing effort. This phase concentrates on two key elements: describing the future and assessment of the current business. This provides the needed backdrop to the creation of a plan of action.

Change: Working the plan, internal organizational change is affected. A unified mission is established against which all resources are aligned, with an improved bias for action and focus on establishing an environment of leadership and delivering the necessary items to lead in the marketplace.

Transform: This focuses on the customer and marketplace. This step is about transforming the external facing processes, value propositions, establishing thought leadership positions, and setting out the transformation of customer buying criteria and product/service integration.

Lead: As the final step, this is about the acceleration of leadership activity and position. You and your organization emerge as the group that is setting the industry agenda, changing the competitive landscape, and providing your customers (both internal and external) value that is far superior to any in the marketplace.

Engagement Timetable: Each project is unique. Each project has its own timetable – largely based on interdependencies and business need. However, The Afterburner Group tends to see most projects, using the methodology above, occur within 45 to 60 days from project start. We know the value of time and drive ourselves to deliver swift, complete project management to agreed result.


ActivLEADERSHIP brings a proprietary model and task list that has been shaped, refined, and tested for over 30 years. It has proven successful time and time again.

Simple in scope, yet thorough in nature, ActivLEADERSHIP consulting ensures proper attention is paid to the details.

Insight, facts, knowledge, and best practices. All are valued by leaders in decision making and seeking new opportunity. Research is mandatory in maximizing opportunity and mitigating risk. Good leaders are never satisfied with ‘internal experts’ leaders but also seek advantage through external research and planning to accelerate rewards.

Where do you get your information? How accurate and objective is it? Is it current and actionable?

Plans, viability assessments,and financial analysis. Every part of a business seeks ‘blueprints for success’—an objective, tested, and detailed view to opportunity, risk, and reward.

The choice is yours. Continue with ‘business as usual’ or take advantage of real, validated research and planning to drive your next initiative.

The Afterburner Group is active with many leading organizations such as the Gartner Group, Forrester Research, IDC, Illuminata, Summit Strategies, Seybold Group, Meta Group, among many others. These relationships bring access to the best industry research, perspectives, trends, and analysts.

The Afterburner Group has decades of experience in business planning, financial modeling, risk/return analysis, multi-modal strategy analysis, and recommendation. We know what it takes to have a business plan that reduces risk through having the best information possible – ahead of financial investment.

Some of the many quantitative and qualitative studies and plans around leadership, business, customers, products, and marketing are:

a. Business Strategies and Complimentary Market Opportunities
b. Marketplace Insight, Trends, and Forecasts
c. Marketing Effectiveness Audits & Comparison to Best Practices
d. Segmentation and Attribute/Opportunity Identification
e. Competitive Technology, Product, Packaging, and Pricing
f. Customer Satisfaction and Retention Research and Analysis
g. Customer Insight, Need Identification, and Analysis
h. Technology Trends and Products
i. Merger/Acquisition Candidate Qualification and Analysis
j. Product / Service Market Validation Studies
k. New, Complimentary, or Exploratory Business Plans
l. Market Viability and Product Performance
m. Financial Analysis: Business, Product, Market, or Customer

Lead with insight, facts, plans, and activities that drive advantage and reward. Or, follow the competition, the market mood, or internal organizational agenda. What are you going to choose?

Who is most concerned with your success? Who has your best interest at heart? Who wants to see your organization or product exceed all expectations? Who is your best leadership coach? The easy and most often quoted answer? “Me.” Which is precisely the wrong answer.

We focus on one thing. Developing leaders. The Afterburner Group provides leadership coaching and education  based on over 30 years of direct experience—with some of the greatest organizations in the world. We developing individuals and organizations for sustained, measurable leadership effectiveness. This is teaching, mentoring, modeling, and finding opportunity to use proven leadership principles and skills—not about counseling on lifestyle, balance, stress, or personal relationships, or about being a ‘listening ear’ to organizational complaint.

The Afterburner Group demands a lot from our clients. They need to have a strong desire to find and use new leadership practices, experiment with new models and processes, and adopt personal leadership performance standards. We play the role of guide, facilitator, and educator. All clients benefit from our systematic approach, tailored for each engagement and the specific leadership performance plans for each individual.

The Afterburner Group offers a comprehensive suite of education, training, and leadership services to accelerate and establish leadership efforts and transitions. These services provide every customer an opportunity to build leadership knowledge specific to business goals and objectives in the areas of marketing, sales, customers, and products.

From one-on-one sessions, through workshops, to leader-led and online sessions, The Afterburner Group brings focused leadership programs that address a wide range of objectives including leadership development, establishing and maintaining leadership positions, and formalization of leadership within organizations.

The Afterburner Group educational services include:

Education and Training Consulting: Education-consulting services for organizations adopting the ActivLeadership program. The Afterburner Group’s specialists offer planning for full scale education and training programs, and leadership migration assistance for business initiatives.

Personal Leadership Sessions: The Afterburner Group offers individuals personal training sessions on issues of leadership, personal development, team building, creating a culture of leadership, change management, and leadership effectiveness.

Organizational Leadership Training: Highly interactive one and two-day sessions provide opportunities to discover how get to market, sales, customer, and product leadership. These are done either on-line or in a traditional classroom setting.

Education Materials and Resources: To support your leadership initiatives, The Afterburner Group provides handbooks, best practice white papers, job aids, a learning resource center, and more.

Build leadership principles into yourself and organization. Understand how to establish and maintain leadership positions. Grow your personal leadership IQ and outcomes.

Get the specialized leadership services you need.

The Afterburner Group acknowledges that there is never a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leadership development and achievement. Our customized, specialized, and bespoke services that bring you exactly what you want, when you need it most.

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