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Customer Impact.

Common wisdom states that it is five times more expensive to sell and close a new customer than an existing one."Certified proven spenders," existing customers, are not only less expensive to sell to, but they also tend to be less price sensitive, meaning...

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Media Problems?

You have heard the phrase, "tell them what you are going to tell them and tell them what you told them." This is true of any interaction with an external audience, media, press or analysts. Unless you know exactly what you want to communicate it is very...

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Who Are You?

Each company has its own personality or unique attributes that make up their value proposition. Every company knows it's subtle nuances that reinforce their value proposition and create differentiation from the competition. Despite the best efforts of a...

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Stale Value Proposition?

It is often the case that businesses define and package a value proposition based upon internal core competencies and historical success. Unfortunately, this is dangerous for two reasons:1. Marketplace changes. Market, customers, technology, competitive...

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Beating the Competition.

Help! The competition is killing me! This is heard by businesspeople everywhere. There are problems closing deals, getting the attention of new prospects or simply trying to keep customers loyal. Often heard is, “The competition is killing me. My business...

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Great Value Propositions.

As you define and prepare to take your value proposition to market, make sure you’re ready. In the rush for new opportunity don’t overlook the impact to your existing business, your level of preparation and key questions that need answering. Improve your...

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Agile Innovation.

Business leaders create new businesses and markets—seemingly almost overnight. Technology and competitive pressures demand new speed and response to meet market and customer demand. There is a new "innovation imperative" that can't be ignored.Why is this?...

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Innovation Obstacles.

In today’s global economy, in the presence of more competition than ever before and increasing customer expectation, innovation is a key contributor to growth and value. While organizations should constantly seek new innovations—unfortunately many...

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What’s Your Story?

The power of a story. It can move us to action or bore us to death. Often the ability to elicit either of those reactions is based on the message, construction, and benefit offered by the story. Business rarely thinks of selling or marketing in terms of...

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Integrate for Impact.

Many companies spend marketing dollars creating awareness and growing brand. While these are key activities, shifting gears to the equipping of the sales force and creating high-impact campaigns/programs will provide a greater return on marketing...

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Stop Marketing Mistakes.

Marketing is sometimes viewed as a ‘necessary evil.’ This perception is primarily because marketing is an area where loads of money can be spent without much to show for it.It doesn’t have to be this way. Marketing can be an effective business tool to...

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Brand Suffering?

The art and science of branding can be likened to sound, well-managed farming practices, no matter what the country or language. You look for good soil (the market) to plant your brand idea, diligently attend to the task of cultivating an image and value,...

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