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Based on your responses.



Best practices marketing will score…



If you scored…
7-8.6 = You’re ahead of most
5.3-6.9 = You’re falling behind
0-5.2 = Could be considered a laggard


If you scored 8.7-10: Congratulations! You’re among the top companies, leading with customer experiences that matter. As you know, there is always room for improvement, especially in those areas where you couldn’t answer “Strongly Agree.”

If you scored 7-6.6: You are headed in the right direction and are gaining momentum in delivering a good customer experience. It appears as if there are areas in your company that aren’t quite supportive or driving forward the customer experience brand. Pay attention to those areas you answered “Strongly Disagree” and “Disagree.”

If you scored 5.3-6.9: You’ve made some good starts but have a distance to go. Customer experience is largely the domain of an idea with limited implementation and narrow customer engagement. Your score reveals that competitors may be at a customer experience advantage over your efforts. Seek ways to push the company toward a broader understanding, adoption and alignment toward delivering your customer experience brand promise.

If you scored 0-5.2: You haven’t made customer experience a priority within your company. There are indicators that strategy, process, executive support, technology, information-based persona efforts are lagging. Your customers are looking to you to deliver a great customer experience or they’re going to choose your competitors. Make every attempt to educate your organization about customer experience, the market requirements, how your customer experience is your brand and how not paying attention to customer experience puts your company at a significant short- and long-term disadvantage.

If your score is lower than you would have expected, or if you would like to improve your customer experience strategy, implementation, effectiveness and impact, get ahold of the Afterburner Group using the form on this page. We know what it takes to get you best practices or get you started.

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