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As you define and prepare to take your value proposition to market, make sure you’re ready. In the rush for new opportunity don’t overlook the impact to your existing business, your level of preparation and key questions that need answering. Improve your ability for a successful launch and fast start in growing your business.

Consider the following ideas when evaluating your existing, or future, value proposition and delivery system:

A Good Value Proposition is…

  • Superior to competitive alternatives
  • Wanted by prospects and customers
  • Deliverable by the company
  • Sustainable in the market
  • Profitable to the business
  • Profitable in isolation
  • Well understood within the business
  • Analyzed for return on investment
  • Able to slipstream into existing operations
  • Able to integrate and stimulate business initiatives
  • The best choice among alternatives
  • Able to deliver more business value growth than other options

A Good Value Delivery System …

  • Captures the attention of the market
  • Creates excitement within the company
  • Firmly and clearly establishes right expectations
  • Resolves communication issues
  • Provide the defined value proposition
  • Is the best choice for delivering the value proposition
  • Imbalances the competition
  • Is cost effective and achievable
  • Aligns to where the customer seeks information and problem resolution
  • Drives out business risk

A Good Business Fit is …

  • Where there is leverage of existing resources, technology and process
  • The ability to maximize market gains and share
  • Where customer value is recognized and realized
  • An extension of existing presence in markets, groups or industries
  • Where strategic business objectives are supported and achieved
  • Where sales and marketing teams easily and readily engage
  • When strategic partners can easily integrate and adopt
  • Not a “bet the company” change

Become a leader within the company and markets. Align products, services, capabilities and customer experience to well understood need—extending current resources into new opportunities. Take bold and carefully planned risk to establish a clear and realizable value proposition and delivery system that your existing customers and prospects seek. Get ahead of the competition.

You can identify and monetize new opportunity – even in a difficult market.

The Afterburner Group has been creating great value propositions for companies in the technology, energy, services, manufacturing and non-profit industries for over 25 years.

If you think that your value proposition isn’t working any more or could use an assessment, validation and refresh, fill out the contact form below and we’ll let you know what that would look like and how you’d benefit.

Better value propositions.

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