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Based on your responses.



A best-in-class score is…



If you scored…
70-84 = Doing OK
50-69 = Need Improvement
00-49 = Significant Disadvantage


If you scored 85-100: Congratulations! You’re among the top 10% of companies and are marketing with excellence. As you know, there is always room for improvement, especially in those areas where¬† you couldn’t answer “Strongly Agree.”

If you scored 70-84: You’re in the “challenging” category of marketers. Challenging in that you could be marketing better than you are, and challenging the status quo by marketing better than many companies. Pay attention to those areas you answered “Strongly Disagree” and “Disagree.”

If you scored 50-69: You’re in need of some substantial improvement. Your score is below most companies marketing performance. Your score reveals that your competitors may be at an advantage and that your marketing efforts aren’t delivering what they could deliver to accelerate sales, revenue and profitability.

If you scored 00-49: Your business is at a significant disadvantage in the marketplace. Your marketing score indicates that that you are in the “laggard” category in almost every best practices marketing category. Your marketing is in need of significant overhaul from strategy through activities and measurement.

If your score is lower than you would have expected, or if you would like to create greater marketing maturity to deliver best-in-class customer experiences, contact the Afterburner Group today.

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