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The Afterburner Group has been transforming products, markets, customers, organizations, and businesses for over 32 years. We’ve learned a lot about what works and… what doesn’t work. We’ve also learned the value of predictable project engagement, execution, completion, and reporting.

The Afterburner Group has a formalized process to ensure predictable, repeatable results. To do this we’ve created a series of process components that are applied to every project. You’re sure to agree that our experience in leadership creation and management will accelerate the success of your next leadership project.

Execution is a key to success. Execution is a discipline. Execution is integral to strategy. Execution is the major job of the business leader. Execution must be a core element of an organization’s culture. ActivLEADERSHIP takes this into account and ensures that each engagement has the attention to detail and follow-up to drive project success.

The AchievementMap outlines an organization’s goals, strategies, tactics, and individual activities, their interrelationships, dependencies, critical success factors, and measurement criteria.

By doing this, customers have full understanding of what is needed to achieve the goals, the resource and budget requirements, and timeframes for execution. Additionally, each step has its own identified owner, timetable, success criteria, and measurement. Together, it becomes a key component to a new era of leadership.

Whatever the path, be it market, sales, customer, or product leadership, there is an AchievementMap for your organization.

AchievementMap Benefits:

1. Clear, Concise View to a New Reality
2. Cross-Functional Element Integration
3. Connects Vision/Goals to Tactics and Discrete Activities
4. Surfaces Interdependencies, Strengths, Needs Before the Big Spending Occurs
5. Provides Weekly Project Accountability
6. Drives Focus against Shared Objectives
7. Allows for Easy Progress and Impact Measurement

Take advantage of hundreds of years of marketing and leadership experience. Utilize “key learnings” across industries, company sizes, and disciplines. Don’t make costly mistakes in strategy, planning, or execution.

Best Practices Disciplines include:

1. Change Management
2. Marketing, Sales, & Channels
3. Media & Industry Relations
4. Operations & Logistics
5. Organizational Leadership
6. Outsourcing
7. Product Management & Development
8. Strategic Planning

ActivLEADERSHIP customers learn, evaluate, and adapt best practices that create advantage – irrespective of their source. These same customers create more energy, focus, drive, and achievement of results. Why? They spend their investment dollars where they gain advantage and stay away from those areas that waste or lose money. How? They learn from others mistakes.

The Afterburner Group brings in best practices into every engagement – whether from setting overall vision and strategy, through to tactical execution of activities. The experiences gained over decades of marketing and leadership drive you to higher levels of reward, and steer you away from obstacles and failure.

Don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’. Don’t rediscover ‘new’ continents. Instead inject a full compliment of cross-functional best practices into your projects and accelerate your future.

ActivLEADERSHIP grows team competence and success. Opportunity is created and methodology utilized to infuse projects and team members with information, methodology, process, tools, and experience to grow team skill and aptitude. Personal, organizational, and corporate objectives are more expertly executed in support of achieving success.

Leverage your investment in your people and process by utilizing KnowledgeShift to increase impact, return on assets, to build internal/external credibility, and accelerate current and future productivity… often in as little as 30 days. KnowledgeShift includes:

1. Team-oriented Approach to Projects and Tasks
2. Cross-functional Information Sharing
3. Collaborative Participation from Strategy to Measurement
4. Shared Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, and Activities
5. Training, Process Transfer, and Technology Recommendation

ActivLEADERSHIP builds leaders, period. Leaders in business, markets, sales, profitability, product and services, and in customer interaction/retention. Raise leadership IQ. Personal and team assessment, identification of action plans, training, and coaching grow you and your organization beyond current state to a new, even more successful future.

Decades of practical, successful leadership experience in direct evaluation, interpersonal or team interaction, coaching, role playing, and creating opportunity to lead and succeed are woven into the following subject areas:

1. Growing Business Acumen
2. Maintaining a Customer Focus
3. Developing Strategic Insight
4. Establishing Vision and Purpose
5. Creating a Bias for Action
6. Defining and Clarifying Integrity & Values
7. Enhancing Internal/External Credibility
8. Creating Commitment and Collaboration
9. Growing Personal /Team Competence and Confidence
10. Celebrating Achievement, Results, and Success
11. Establishing or Growing Environments of Professionalism, and Excellence
12. Getting the Attention of your Boss, Your Board, Your Partners, Your Employees
13. Presentation Skills

The marketplace, your customers, and your peers continue to grow themselves and their capabilities. What are you going to do?

ActivLEADERSHIP makes available tools, methods, and processes for the purposes building leadership. Each leadership project benefits from rapid engagement, accelerated delivery of results, thorough research/validation, comprehensive alternative analysis, and clear, understandable deliverables.

How? Decades of hands-on leadership in business, finance, marketing, communications, product/service delivery, and sales have refined a full compliment of methodologies, processes, and systems. Proven again and again as delivering results, LeaderTools are applied to every engagement. And, delivered in a unique, personalized blend to maximize your project success.


Using sophisticated capabilities and experience in establishing and growing leadership positions, your project, team, organization, product, and company will immediately benefit through reduced cost, increased responsiveness, focus and alignment to objective, smoother change management, and improved return on engagement (ROE). A sampling of LeaderTools represented by:


1. Vision & Strategy Clarification Model
2. Leadership Development Model
3. Execution Excellence Model
4. Rapid Market Assessment Model
5. Business Value Growth Model
6. Internal/External Communication Model


1. Rapid Project Completion Process
2. Team Integration & Accountability Process
3. Company/Product Launch Process
4. Personal Leadership Development Process
5. Customer Need Assessment & Validation Process
6. Competitive Analysis & Fast Response Process


1. Strategic Insight Discovery, Validation, and Formalization
2. Getting to Complimentary Markets – Fast and Profitably
3. Effectiveness Measurement & Reporting
4. Business Planning and Execution
5. “Influencing the Influencers” FastTrack
6. Cross Functional Accountability & Team Building


1. Leadership Assessment & Scoring
2. Business Evaluation & Planning
3. “Awareness Tours” – getting to the influencers fast and effectively
4. Planning, Execution, & Measurement Templates
5. Change Management Roadmaps
6. Value Assessment & Gap Analysis


Why reinvent the wheel? Adapt what has already proven successful. Accelerate time to value, reduce cost, increase impact, take your organization to the next level.

ActivLEADERSHIP knows the value of time and people. It understands that business, the marketplace, customers, investors, and employees don’t wait long for results and impact. Conclusions must be reached, actions taken, and results measured usually within the quarter.

QuickStart is a process that delivers fast, thorough, collaborative, and measurable project pace and result. Tuned over two decades, it brings to every project a clear, understandable, manageable, and accountable tasks that drive to the deadline and objective.

Historically, QuickStart has delivered tangible results in as little as two weeks, with most projects completing between 30-45 days. No waiting. No wondering. Easily measured.

Every project is broken into three phases:

Phase One: Project Initiation and Assessment – usually done independently, this usually takes a week to complete.

Phase Two: Team Selection, Project Implementation, and Project Closure – done collaboratively every time, The Afterburner Group and Client work quickly and efficiently discharging the steps indicated in the illustration (above? below?). This phase usually takes two to four weeks.

Phase Three: Project End – done collaboratively, The Afterburner Group and Client wrap up the project. This phase takes one or two meetings.

The QuickStart engagement model is that simple! Rest assured, though, that process contains the necessary elements to ensure details aren’t skipped or overlooked.

Get your projects on track, initiate and complete new projects within the quarter. Deliver results ASAP.

ActivLEADERSHIP makes sure that people, organizations, and businesses don’t fly blind. It acts on the premise that “you improve what you measure” to help set priority, maintain focus, and deliver the agreed upon results. The ValueReport is a scorecard. A report of three things: current, or starting state, interim or ending state, and an assessment of improvements, remaining gaps, and return on leadership.

Designed for objectivity and based upon the unique requirements for each client, the ValueReport becomes your personal starting point, progress report, and reporting mechanism to determine investment and leadership value.



ValueReport has four distinct components:

1. Baseline: This takes an initial view of the project, organization, or business determining what the starting ‘state’ is. Built on agreed metrics, you get a quick tally on where things are at that exact time.

2. Best Practices: Looking at similar businesses within the same or similar industries, the ValueReport indicates where the leading organizations ‘score’ on the same objectives, goals, or metrics. This gives you a quick ‘gap analysis’ on where you are relative to those organizations that lead your industry.

3. Progress Scoring: Taken at predetermined time intervals, the achievement of a particular milestone, or the completion of a project, the project, organization, or business is re-scored. This allows an ‘at a glance’ reporting of progress and its associated comparison to the Baseline.

4. High-Level Analysis: Each ValueReport is delivered with the raw and best practices comparison data, a set of identified issues (both positive and negative), and associated recommendations. This analysis allows quick decision making, setting of priority, and alignment of investment against desired goals or outcome. Don’t rely on anecdotal intuition or feedback. Get and know the facts. Make decisions based in reality. Use the ValueReport as a key set of indicators and data to drive your business forward.

See something that caught your interest? Thought so.

We’re very different. How? With the Afterburner Group there are never any “surprises.”  Our rigorous, predictable, and results-oriented process sets us apart from virtually every competitor. Our process ensures you get the leadership improvement you seek. Every time.

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